We looked for a solution for so long until we made Qvamp.

We were looking for a way to manage 400 private events a year and found virtually nothing. So we thought we'd create a solution not only for us, but for everyone who lives in the world of private and corporate events. Event management encompasses a very wide range of activities and we are gradually digitizing and improving them.

  • We don't just do Qvamp as a system. We're making it a new way of working and a great helper for every working day.
  • We develop Qvamp together with venues and event managers. No fuss.
  • We focus on development, customer service and everything that happens around Qvamp every day.

Write us, call us, let's meet.

Get in touch with us

  • petr@qvamp.com
  • +420 731 163 851
  • ‹beat›app, s.r.o.,
    IČ: 14270552 DIČ CZ 14270552,
    Chalupníkova 1234/1 70030 Ostrava, Czechia

Most often we solve

  • Want to use Qvamp
  • Advice on using Qvamp
  • We collect new suggestions and features

“Our goal is to boost event management productivity. That is why we developed Qvamp, an app that provides everything an event manager requires.”

Petr Knap CEO, Qvamp