Inquiries and offers

Forget about email, paper, Excel inquiries. You will have everything in one place. Quotes? Same thing. Easy and simple. Whether you send one or three to a customer, you'll always keep them organized.

If a customer wants to comment on a quote, they do it through Qvamp. Agree with the quote? Via Qvamp. You'll have everything in one place and from all customers, which is great because it'll just keep it organized.

Yeah, and you can also have up-to-the-minute availability on your site with a fancy calendar.

Without papers

Order makes friends, so you'll be signing all event contracts electronically.

The whole process of electronic contract signing is governed by Regulation No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC ("eIDAS"). This legislation has been adapted in our Act No. 297/2016 Coll.

Everyday activities and event preparation will be easier

Qvamp is developed with you, Event Managers and venue owners. It is made to make your daily work as easy as possible.

It will remind you of everything you need to do, it will even do some activities for you automatically. You'll have time for things like staff development or better event preparation.

You'll have the data to grow your business

What do you make money on? How many events have you had? What is the success rate of enquiries? How satisfied are your customers? What do you do differently? Qvamp will answer these and other questions with its insightful reports.

You won't have to put it all together in Excel anymore.

Qvamp pricing

115 EUR


Price do not include VAT tax. We issue international and EU invoices.

  • Up to 20 users, enough for most venues.
  • No additional charges. Everything Qvamp offers is included in the price.
  • You have our full support.
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Yes, the price is final and exclusive of VAT

Everything the app can do you have for one price. We have no extra charges for modules or anything else.

You pay per venue, not per user.

You can use up to 20 active users per venue as part of the monthly payment, which is enough for 99% of all event venues in Europe. For example, if you have two hotels and two other event venues at four different addresses and want to use Qvamp for all of them, that's four venues - four instances (licenses).

Pay by card and automatically

The payment will be downloaded automatically according to the period you choose -> annually/monthly via the payment gateway.

Qvamp is available for free for 14 days with no obligation. We will not require a credit card up front. We're sorry if Qvamp isn't right for you, but that's okay.

We won't ask you for any long-term contract. You just have to pay for a certain period and if you don't want to use Qvamp, we will be sorry and you will cancel your subscription.

Qvamp is simple to set up. If you still require assistance with the setup, it will cost a symbolic 100 EUR (excluding VAT). We can set you up in the morning, so it won't take you all day. However, we will require your assistance.